Work with me

If you're an e-commerce, SaaS or a digital product seller with substantial traffic and you realize you could use some help with research and CRO, shoot me an email.

I'm a conversion optimization consultant who helps business owners get the most out of their websites through research and testing. I've been working in digital marketing, analytics and ads since 2011 and switched completely to conversion research and optimization since 2015. I've worked with a variety of industries and markets – from IT services to e-commerce to digital goods – so chances are I'll be able to help your business, too.

[Pavel] was excellent to work with! He is smart, reliable, dedicated and quick! He responded to any and all of my requests immediately and professionally. He is very knowledgeable in optimization strategies and analytics. He not only has a great marketing mind but the technical skills and know-now to implement, track and report on tests and conversion metrics. I’d highly recommend Pavel to anyone looking for a CRO Specialist.

– Alexandra Cattoni, Founder @ Cattoni Creative

Pavel worked in my company for more than 3 years and he showed himself as a great professional to execute on day-to-day tasks of CRO campaigns. He is amazing managing one big project at a time for a long time, so his main strength as I see it is going very deep into the project and provide real value and results.

– Tony Simonovsky, Founder @ InsightWhale

During my career, I've had a chance to work with a lot of different tools, technologies, and people. I'm equally comfortable with both technical and non-technical peers and communicate complex ideas concisely and understandably.

Let me know if you have any questions – I'll be happy to answer those. If you're not a potential customer but still want to reach out – please do! I'm always open to meeting new people and there's always something to learn from one another. Shoot me an email.